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About Us 


Do you want to live epically? Do you know that EpiqueOne is the perfect choice when shopping for a variety of products? EpiqueOne.com is your one-stop shop for all of your party decoration and special occasion needs.  As an e-commerce outlet that values our gracious clients, we stop at nothing to have your purchased items delivered directly to you and delivered on time.  


We at EpiqueOne pride ourselves in exceptional customer service and we will not accept a penny from a customer who is not completely satisfiedWe promise you safe payment methods which protect you from fraud. Whatever your desires are for your next party or gift for a loved one, EpiqueOne will bring them straight to your door at unbeatable prices.  


Our Mission 


To be the #1 online retailer of gifts and decorations for every type of event or engagement while maintaining the highest levels of customer service. EpiqueOne puts customers first! 


Why EpiqueOne? 


EpiqueOne provides you a broad range of beautiful and trendy products. Our Party Décor collections will help create that magical atmosphere for any occasion and are available at unbelievable prices. Our toy and craft collections also provide that perfect gift for a loved one on their special day. We are here for you! 


Our mouth-watering promos are something to watch out for as we are always there to help you save big. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram where you will have access to exclusive discounts. You don’t have to keep beating yourself up over the bad products you have obtained elsewhere when you can have the very best products by shopping with EpiqueOne. Besides that, we value prompt delivery, and our customer-friendly services will bring you back for more. 


EpiqueOne is all about you and your memorable experience. Shop with us today!